Allxs is a solution for businesses who wish to provide enhanced services for their customers and staff by making use of a closed loop cashless payment platform to manage transactions, vouchers and rewards. ALLXS is a NFC enabled closed loop cashless payment platform, compatible with any Android NFC enabled device, including but not limited to android tablets, mobile phone, and/or a variety of POS and card terminal devices. ALLXS is a cloud-based system which enables both online and offline transaction capabilities.  Delivering live reporting, analysing and customer trends in real time empowering the business with actionable intelligence.
A closed loop giving the entity the control of where the value in the system can be spent. A closed loop cashless payment system is a great tool for closed communities such as companies, schools, universities, sports clubs, events, venues and reward programs. The system improves speed, safety and convenience while providing the tools to deliver a superior customer experience.  
  • Extend the capability of your Mpress with our closed loop payment management system.
  • Turn your NFC enabled android device into an integrated business intelligence tool.
  • Full featured point of sale with integrated credit card processing through Mpress for in-house payments or through the Internet for loading value remotely.
  • Manage your own prepaid rewards cards for your clients.
  • Issue your own closed loop cashless cards for your canteen or staff shop.
  • Load value onto your own branded prepaid cards using your Mpress device or remotely on the Internet
  • Issue your own branded gift card.
  • Gain deep insights into your customers spending habits.
  • Manage integrated digital vouchers instantly redeemable against purchases.
  • Offer your customers online ordering.
  • Provide privacy over payments inside the closed loop
  • Enhance ease, control and safety by going cashless
  • Access detailed transaction history.
  • Manage their pin online.
  • Top up their prepaid card online.
  • Manage linked family accounts online.
  • Manage low balance alerts and daily spending limits.
  • Receive instant discounts.  Earn reward points and vouchers.
  • Improve speed and efficiency of every transaction.
  • Reduce queue times
  • Eliminate cash handling costs
  • Improve back office efficiencies and save time by eliminating cash counting and balancing.
  • Remove credit control and account management challenges.
Full featured Mobile Point of Sale

  • Live product and price management
  • Menu management
  • Basic stock management
  • Realtime reporting

Inventory management

  • Virtual warehouse management
  • Recipe / BOM level inventory control
  • Automated requisition system
  • Purchase order management
  • Supplier management
  • Realtime inventory reporting

Cashless Printing

  • Print homing
  • Printing with user authentication
  • Realtime custom reporting
  • Cost allocation

Online account management for end users with pre-order engine.

  • Online account top up for end users
  • Itemised statements
  • Inter account transfers
  • Pre-order engine
  • Low balance alerts, dietary restrictions and daily spend limits

Digital Ticketing

  • Ticket authentication mode with red and green display.
  • Voucher management
  • Digital inventory management

Welcome to Allxs Media.

Merging the digital & physical worlds. The Allxs cashless payments system includes a built in customer management, communication and marketing option. Deliver location based in venue communication using beacon technology to make sure you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Give your customers control of their experience with an integrated e-wallet to manage their balances and purchases. Your customers can top up their cashless cards or armbands right from their mobile phones using our in app account management. Allow your customers to pre-order and collect to avoid long queues and improve their experience at your venue or event.
Cashless payments system powered by contactless cashless cards, beacons and mobile technology solutions. Our cashless payments card system comes with a full features point of sale system. Alternatively use it with your existing point of sale system to manage cashless payments, loyalty, gift cards and rewards. The Allxs cashless payments system can be integrated into your club management software. Giving your business a new level of business intelligence as a result of our fully customizable reporting engine. Our cashless payments system can help you manage your risk and improve efficiency. Anything is possible with your very own closed loop cashless payments, rewards and customer management system.p>
The ALLXS student card system has been used at St Declan’s for the past year. The system and support received by the staff of ALLXS have been outstanding.
Michael Pinheiro

They are a great bunch of people with excellent ideas and are always willing to develop solutions they don’t already have.
Anthony Glazer

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