How is Allxs taking the cashless canteen point of sale into the future?
How is Allxs taking the cashless canteen point of sale into the future?

The Allxs system was built as an experience management system. The goal was to create a digital experience in the physical world. To illustrate this let’s take the experience of a wine show with hundreds of wines to be tasted from countless exhibitors. You walk up to a stand receive a tasting and step away for a minute to savor the product. By the time you decide that you would like to purchase the wine, a long queue has formed with other patrons wanting a taste so you decide to return later to make a purchase when the queues subside. By the time you have reached your 4th stand, you can no longer remember which was your favourite and where you wanted to return to make that purchase. Even if you manage to make the purchase, you are now forced to carry it around with you for the rest of the evening. This is where Allxs comes in to provide a seamless digital experience. Having registered your profile with the option of a delivery address. You are able to enjoy the tastings while adding to basket on your phone as you make your way through the various exhibits. At the end of the journey, you simply check out on your phone and select delivery or collection and receive your wine as per your preference. The key to the solution is that it is a unified commerce system and is integrated into the physical inventory at the event ensuring that you cannot purchase anything that is not in stock. It is also integrated into the point of sale systems across the entire event ensuring a totally integrated commerce solution capable of tracking all tastings, over the counter sales and mobile commerce sales. Delivering a seamless experience for the customer and providing essential business intelligence for the exhibitors. 


Now apply that same experience to the office canteen, school campus, holiday resort or any other environment where reducing queue times and enabling frictionless transactions is of key importance. What makes Allxs different from other Point of Sale’s is that we are not just a cashless canteen Point of Sale but a Unified Commerce Solution which combines payments, cashless canteen point of sale, stock control and mobile commerce in a single frictionless platform. It is a live, cloud-based cashless canteen system with payments at its core, with a transaction management system that not only ensures live account balances across multiple sites but also automates the settlement process ensuring the correct payment goes to the correct cost centre. The system not only manages a variety of payment options but can also manage discounts, vouchers and rewards. We live in a connected world and customers expect to be connected to everything around them. There is no more need for temperamental cash loading machines and expensive cash removal services. Customers can simply top up online, in-app or at an ATM. The Allxs cashless canteen app and point of sale system offers customers the option to purchase at the point of sale, online or on their mobile canteen app. It also provides for cashless payment with cards, biometrics or by scanning their mobile phone at the point of sale. Similarly, businesses are connected with access to live actionable intelligence ensuring that stock levels are maintained and expiring inventory is prioritised helping to reduce waste and increasing sales. To top it all off the Allxs canteen app has a built-in messaging and promotion center where customers can receive digital receipts and special offers with one-touch purchase options from the service providers based on their personal preferences.

Event Point of Sale, Integrated Payments, Inventory and Analytics
Event Point of Sale, Integrated Payments, Inventory and Analytics

The Allxs Event Point of Sale manager helps you manage your risks, maximise your revenue and minimise your losses through integrated sales, inventory, payment and live reporting systems. The Event Point of Sale Manager is a cross platform solution for your event, tracking sales across POS, mobile and web, bridging the gap between digital and physical sales channels. Take your event analytics to the next level by providing your customers with detailed reporting and return on investment. Every event needs accurate control systems capable of tracking the total customer journey. The Allxs Events POS Manager makes this a reality with the following services:

  1. Point of sale software that runs on a full featured Point of Sale or on your android mobile device.
  2. Optional integrated cashless payments and credit card processing.
  3. Integrated stock management for every vendor with virtual warehouse management.
  4. Authentication Module for access control or to simplify collections.
  5. Digital voucher management for promotions and special offers.
  6. Printing management for remote ordering, vouchers, tickets and requisitions.
  7. In venue communication for announcements, special offers and digital receipts

The Allxs Events POS can operate as a regular POS or a hybrid allowing vendors to accept credit cards or closed loop cashless payments. Cashless point of sale devices provides itemised product interface integrated into real-time stock control, voucher redemption and customer communication. The print manager can be configured to print orders at a remote location, receipts or tickets and vouchers.

Automated stock requisitions can be configured based on minimum stock level requirements in each outlet. The requisitions can be activated from the POS terminal or online. These requisitions can be printed, emailed or appear on screen to the warehouse administrator for issuing. The requisitions can be delivered or adjusted live on the system before being released. The process can also be controlled by the administrator by simply using low balance alerts. The inventory is live so there is a real time view into exactly what is going on at every outlet.

Access detailed analytics across the entire event including sales reports, customer reports, inventory reports and payment reports. Banking integrations streamline collections, settlements and refunds where appropriate.