Cashless Events

ALLXS is more than a cashless card system, we are a complete hospitality, cashless events management and integrated ticketing solution. Set to simplify cashless event experiences. Single event NFC enabled cashless armbands or multi use ALLXS VIP cashless cards may be linked directly to a user profile. Allowing freedom to access, pay, redeem, donate and be rewarded with a single tap. Welcome to your future cashless events.

Your ALLXS cashless events solution is two fold: Increase spending and ROI for your event with your cashless card system, and improve your data collection on your guests and their purchase behaviours to better cater for their demands and preferred brands. People naturally yearn for experiences that enhance their livelihood. The mobile device has become life’s tool to communicate, share, learn and enhance awareness, particularly at sporting and entertainment events.

Tremendous opportunity exists to elevate the awareness of personal affinities through mobile engagement, coupled with the understanding that consumers instinctively are willing to pay money for value.
One of the major benefits of the solution is the financial benefits and opportunities of the platform to offer revenue generation capabilities. This in turn will provide an enhanced customer experience all while increasing the ROI for the event.

Cashless Payments System

Experience a cashless events payment and voucher redemption solution.
Our proprietary mobile, cloud powered NFC enabled point of sale is the perfect way to manage all your day to day transactions. Redeem any pre-loaded vouchers you may want to include. The system conveniently runs offline when connectivity is interrupted by storing transactions and automatically syncing with the cloud every minute.

Access Control

Fast, safe and controlled access and ticket redemption which seamlessly integrates into point of sale and various other brand activation opportunities. Real time verification at access control points speeds up the queuing process and eliminates the potential of fraud.

Rewards Program

Build and manage incentive, coupon and loyalty programs around your event and with your sponsor community. Create reward programs that extend beyond the event and nurture close consumer relationships.

Insights and Analytics

Who, what, when, where and how often?
Gain key insights into purchasing and preference trends. Real time sales reports, stock control and automated ordering capabilities.

Make Your Next Event Cashless!

Increase engagement, activations and revenue by delivering the right message at the right time at the right place. Effectuated with data collection, reporting and analytics