Point of Sale


ALLXS is more than a cashless point of sale, we are a complete customer, events, access control, loyalty, rewards and inventory management solution.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing point of sale or just starting out and looking for your first point of sale, we have you covered and beyond. Our cashless point of sale was designed to be versatile, easy to implement and full of advanced features ready to tackle the future of your business.
The Point of Sale application runs on any NFC enabled android device from mobile phones and tablets to sophisticated devices for every application. The cashless point of sale can integrate credit card pin pads directly into the point of sale delivering a seamless integrated experience for you and the customer.

The cashless card functionality is perfect for  canteens, staff shop or issuing of gift cards to your customers. The Cashless Point of sale includes a loyalty management platform that is capable of managing points, discounts and vouchers. Award points per item or across the entire purchase. Customers have access to their personal dashboard that gives them the ability to view point balances, value balances and vouchers that may be available to them. The customer dashboard also includes a pre-order engine allowing customers to pre-order from your business and simply collect when the order is ready.

Our cashless point of sale also includes a customer mobile app with an e-wallet and communication center. The application is location based so the client can be assure that only relevant information is accessible at the right time and place. The business dashboard allows you to communicate with your customers and deliver time sensitive communication to customers that are able to engage with such information.

We specialise in contactless technology solutions. Our cashless card platform can help you manage your risk and improve efficiency with your very own closed loop payment, rewards and customer management platform. Now any business can experience automatically scalable cloud computing powered by our proprietary NFC enabled contactless transaction management platform.

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Receive relevant offers and promotions at the right time and the right place.

Fully integrated e-wallet with in app purchasing, account management, coupons, tickets and peer to peer payment functionality.

Beacon enabled app ensures that you only deliver relevant information at time when customers are most likely to engage with such information.

In app digital coupon management and redemption integrated into our Mobile intelligent point of sale.

Pre-order your purchases with our in app ordering engine and avoid the queues.

Receive relevant offers and promotions at the right time and the right place.

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