How A Cashless Bus Solution Can Help Public Transport

ALLXS Cashless Bus Systems

From schools to national transport systems, a cashless bus solution improves efficiency, promotes road safety and increases operator revenues. It reduces the inconvenience of carrying change and keeps buses clean by eliminating paper tickets. Going cashless allows for less wait time by passengers and ensures more vehicles are available more frequently on bus routes.

Cashless cards can be personalized with passenger details and an ID photo and registered online where passengers are able to view their trips, deposit funds for the month’s bus rides and pre-order trips. This improves the passenger’s overall experience.

One of the biggest issues bus operators face is the loss of revenue as money passes from the passenger to the conductor and then to the bus driver and collector. Up to 25 percent of the revenue can be lost. With a cashless solution, this revenue can be recovered.

As with all new technology cashless solutions on bus routes has affected jobs as conductors are no longer needed. However, in Luanda, where the system has been adopted with enthusiasm, over 170 jobs have been created because of the new technology. Many conductors have been retrained as “ground technicians,” working in a variety of positions by leveraging their knowledge of the transport sector. In Kenya where vehicle owners lose up to 30 percent of their day’s earnings, the new cashless bus solutions have eliminated corruption.

A cashless solution is quick, convenient, safe and improves reporting and the management of revenue. If you are interested in a cashless solution for your transport company contact us for a demonstration and we’ll get you up and going in no time.


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