What’s new from Allxs Cashless Payments in 2018

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Closed Loop Payments

The demand for closed loop cashless payment systems has seen tremendous growth over the past 12 months. Allxs has paid close attention to our clients needs and we are happy to announce a range of new features. These include cashless printing, inventory management, integrated credit card facilities and self-service kiosk.

Cashless Printing

Cashless printing is a brand new feature for our school, university and corporate clients. Printing credit can be loaded onto your cashless account and through an integration with our print management software partners a tap on the NFC reader of your printer will authenticate the balance in the account and deliver the print job as required. The account dashboard includes online top up facilities, detailed reporting and various communication settings. A key benefit is the versatility of the system as now the same cashless card account can be used to manage the canteen, printing and even access control all from a single management console. The system will integrate with your existing NFC student or access cards giving these cards more value and usability.

Inventory Management

We are very excited to launch our integrated inventory management system. The Allxs inventory management system comes with many advanced features capable of managing complexed requirements. Our inventory management system is cloud based giving clients the ability to have a live window into their business or multiple branches. The system delivers granular controls which include user permissions module, unit of measure management, warehouse management, recipe management, automated stock requisitions, purchase order and GRN management. Fully integrated into our cloud based point of sales the system delivers a live window into every aspect of your business. Contact us for more information on our fully integrated Point of Sale software which includes, cashless payments, credit card integration, rewards management, customer communication, online ordering, inventory management, voucher and loyalty point management.

Credit Card Facilities

Through our integration with Iveri payment technologies and Nedbank merchant services we are now able to offer our client an integrated credit card payment solution at preferential rates. This means that the credit card facilities are now seamlessly integrated into our Cashless Point of Sale. This extends the cashless abilities of the platform by incorporating credit and debit cards into the ecosystem. Bank cards can now be used on top up member / student and staff cards or make direct purchases. Therefore, creating a safer and more versatile cashless environment accommodating both members and visitors while delivering superiors data, reporting and business intelligence. Additional services such as automated collections (debit orders) and settlement are also available.

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