About Allxs

About Allxs

Premier Experience Management

Allxs Media Pty Ltd is a Fintech company with a focus on delivering Africa’s premier experience management platform. To achieve this, we combine closed loop payments with open loop integrations, manage value, digital currency, points and vouchers, remote ordering and printing, inventory and location-based communication. The system has many applications across a variety of industries but offers a unique opportunity to verticals such as events, education and hospitality. The system has recently been piloted by the African Leadership Academy as an economy simulation platform as part of their Entrepreneurship training program and will be made available to other school accompanied by the developed curriculum in the next quarter.

The transaction and account management system is especially versatile and can be integrated to manage digital payment authentication for a wide variety of applications that require the ability to load funds into a closed system and transact in a prescribed manner. The solution aims to improve the customer experience by delivering contextually relevant information and a seamless environment to engage and transact and to help businesses better engage with their customers and improve experience, efficiency and profitability.


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