Cashless Canteen

Cashless Canteens, Venues and Resorts

Unified commerce for cashless canteens, venues and resorts. 

The Allxs unified commerce solution enables the client to launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into their cashless point of sale and inventory system. The unified commerce system is capable of a single shopping experience across multiple outlets by adding products from a range of merchants into a single basket. The unified commerce application is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the users home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.





The cashless canteen system is a cloud based turnkey solution that can manage every aspect of your operation. Features include transaction management, closed loop payments with NFC, Biometrics and in app authentication. Unified web, mobile and point of sale commerce integrated into recipe level inventory management. Best of all the system is focused on customer expereince with in app offers, purchases and account managament.


Comprehensive user account management giving your staff the flexibility to top up their cards online, see itemised purchase history, transfer funds to each other and set up spending limits and dietary restrictions. The system can be used as a prepaid cashless canteen system or to manage spend for deduction at the end of the month.


The online pre-order engine will allow your staff to pre-order their meals to the canteens rules. The system accommodates rotating menus or based on groupings allowing different departments to see different menus. Orders are placed and paid for in advance helping to reduce waste and costs and are collected with a simple tap on their employee card to verify their purchase. Give your staff the convenience of placing their order for collection or delivery online or in the cashless canteen ordering app.


Cashless Payments make it easy to purchase in the canteen or on our Mobile Point of Sale. This empowers food carts to offer service through the day with a simple payment method that is quick and convenient.


Inventory management which includes digital warehouse management giving you the ability to manage multiple storerooms. Automated requisition system for one-click par level restocking. Recipe Management gives your canteen pinpoint accuracy in managing their business. Purchase orders and supplier management completes the loop with an all in one cashless canteen management product.

Location-based marketing through our integrated progressive web app. The app includes a mobile wallet to manage balances, top up’s vouchers and coupons. The built-in points management can be used to drive healthy eating by rewarding staff for their healthy eating habits. The Allxs Cashless Canteen solution is an all-encompassing cashless canteen payment system.