Cashless Printing

Cashless Printing Management

Control Your Print Environment

MaxMan, a locally developed software program, is designed to give you control over your printing environment. Deployed centrally on your print server or locally onto each desktop, MaxMan is guaranteed to save you money on your printing and paper costs.

  • allow print homing
  • facilitate an accurate cost recovery
  • monitor printing with user authentication
  • provide real-time custom reporting
  • increase document security
  • minimize print and paper wastage
  • manage internal cost allocation
  • provide detailed management reports

Integrated Cashless Printing

The ALLXS cashless payments platform includes a seamless integration into the MaxMan print management software extending the value of your smart student ID or employee access card.

The system gives users the ability to manage their printing expenses with online top up or allocated credit by the institution or a combination of both. The user dashboard delivers itemized reporting for all print jobs with the relevant details. The same account can manage all at work expenses such as canteens or staff shops.



Cost Recovery

MaxMan assists law/consulting firms of any size to turn their clients’ printing expenses into revenue for the firm. Cost recovery enables correct chargeback through detailed and accurate billing to each and every client. This facility is also used by schools, banking etc

  • Customized pop-ups allow correct client allocation
  • Billing is easily imported into most accounting packages
  • Maximize cost recovery with minimal effort
  • Considerable return on investment

Rules based printing

By creating printing rules the MaxMan software encourages optimum print utilization through your system. Various rules can be applied to users or user groups to ensure that printing/copying isn’t abused.

  • Control colour vs. b/w printing permissions
  • Send bulk jobs to high-spec printers
  • Reduce overall printing costs
  • Prolong the lifespan of your devices

Mobile Print - email to print

This functionality taps into the universal email capability on all mobile devices. All users registered on the system with an email address in their credentials will be able to print. The user simply sends an email with the print documents as .pdf attachments to a designated email address. The MaxMan system identifies the user and processes the attachments for printing and retrieval as any standard print job.

  • Universal
  • Simple
  • Flexible

Print Homing

Whether is it password, key or card based, the Print Homing facility enables secure print release for sensitive print jobs to any device on the print network while also helping to reduce paper wastage.

Staff productivity and better device management is also improved as printing is not limited to one device or restricted to desktop devices for secure printing. Users can now safely print anywhere in the organization with confidence.

Documents are released with passwords, keys or cards

Increased convenience as documents can be released from any printer on the network