Creating a self-service cashless canteen with Allxs
Creating a self-service cashless canteen with Allxs

Objective: Reduce queue times during ordering. 

Solution: Web, mobile and kiosk. 


The strength of the Allxs unified commerce solution lies in the variety of modules seamlessly working together to deliver the desired result. In order to achieve our goal, in this case, we combine the following features. 


  1. Self Service kiosk using our 12 inch tabletop device which can be used as a POS or a kiosk with built-in NFC reader and an external RFID, QR or fingerprint reader so we have you covered. Bank-issued credit card terminal can be added to process credit and debit card transactions right from the self-service kiosk. 

  2. Progressive Web Application. Our PWA is the one-stop destination for the end customer. Here customers can manage their profiles, account balances, access statement, digital receipts, special offers and place in-app orders for collection. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.

  3. Print management console is used to ensure the right order arrives at the right place. Printers are assigned at the product level for a variety of outputs. These include receipts, orders, requisitions, and vouchers. When an order is placed at the point of sales, kiosk, online or in the app. The print console ensures that a receipt prints at the point of origin, order prints in the correct preparation area and automated requisitions can be configured to print in your store room based on minimum par levels in your digital warehouse. 

  4. Inventory management module ensures that only in-stock items are available for sale across the available points of purchase. This is achieved by linking a digital warehouse to every service area with stock depleting as purchases are made. The cloud-based system delivers realtime intelligence to help manage products that will be automatically removed from the points of purchase if all stock is depleted. The live view into the inventory makes for easy transfers between outlets or requisitions from the master warehouse. 

  5. Authentication mode is used to authenticate vouchers, tickets and collections. The system can redeem product-specific vouchers or simply verify its authenticity. The vouchers can be digital and redeemed with a tap of a card, QR code printed on a receipt or a uniquely generated QR in the app. The in-app QR can by used to make purchases or collect orders and is only valid for 10 seconds as an added layer of security. 

  6. The contextual communication system is designed to better engage with customers. A fully modular messaging system can deliver offers and communication based on location, time of day and personal preferences. The perfect way to move expiring inventory and increase the share of the wallet. 

Now that we have assembled our solution this is how a possible customer journey might look like. On the way to work our marketing manager has an 8.30 meeting and would like to order some coffees to be ready in time for the meeting. She opens her app, confirms the location and selects the in-app coffee shop. She adds the desired products to basket and checks out with the collection time specified. The system is configured to an estimated preparation time of 10 minutes and delivers the order to the coffee shop at 8.20 by printing to the coffee shop orders printer or the digital order screen. The coffees are fresh, ready and on time. At lunchtime, she makes her way down to the canteen and scans her phone of the reader attached to the self-service kiosk. The kiosks open her account displaying available balance and she begins to place her order. On completion, the kiosk printer issues a receipt with an order number with a QR code, the order is also delivered to the collection point or various collection points if the order was spread across different outlets. She walks across to the collection point, scans her receipt of in AP QR code on the collection device where there order is displayed with a collected tab. The order is handed over and the collected button is pressed to confirm the collection. Each stage of the journey is documented in the Activities tab in the app. At the end of the day the coffee shop has some fresh baked goods that need to be sold. A special offer is sent to all the employees based on their personal preferences with a one-touch purchase option. Expiring inventory is gone and a happy customer ends the day on a positive note. 

How is Allxs taking the cashless canteen point of sale into the future?
How is Allxs taking the cashless canteen point of sale into the future?

The Allxs system was built as an experience management system. The goal was to create a digital experience in the physical world. To illustrate this let’s take the experience of a wine show with hundreds of wines to be tasted from countless exhibitors. You walk up to a stand receive a tasting and step away for a minute to savor the product. By the time you decide that you would like to purchase the wine, a long queue has formed with other patrons wanting a taste so you decide to return later to make a purchase when the queues subside. By the time you have reached your 4th stand, you can no longer remember which was your favourite and where you wanted to return to make that purchase. Even if you manage to make the purchase, you are now forced to carry it around with you for the rest of the evening. This is where Allxs comes in to provide a seamless digital experience. Having registered your profile with the option of a delivery address. You are able to enjoy the tastings while adding to basket on your phone as you make your way through the various exhibits. At the end of the journey, you simply check out on your phone and select delivery or collection and receive your wine as per your preference. The key to the solution is that it is a unified commerce system and is integrated into the physical inventory at the event ensuring that you cannot purchase anything that is not in stock. It is also integrated into the point of sale systems across the entire event ensuring a totally integrated commerce solution capable of tracking all tastings, over the counter sales and mobile commerce sales. Delivering a seamless experience for the customer and providing essential business intelligence for the exhibitors. 


Now apply that same experience to the office canteen, school campus, holiday resort or any other environment where reducing queue times and enabling frictionless transactions is of key importance. What makes Allxs different from other Point of Sale’s is that we are not just a cashless canteen Point of Sale but a Unified Commerce Solution which combines payments, cashless canteen point of sale, stock control and mobile commerce in a single frictionless platform. It is a live, cloud-based cashless canteen system with payments at its core, with a transaction management system that not only ensures live account balances across multiple sites but also automates the settlement process ensuring the correct payment goes to the correct cost centre. The system not only manages a variety of payment options but can also manage discounts, vouchers and rewards. We live in a connected world and customers expect to be connected to everything around them. There is no more need for temperamental cash loading machines and expensive cash removal services. Customers can simply top up online, in-app or at an ATM. The Allxs cashless canteen app and point of sale system offers customers the option to purchase at the point of sale, online or on their mobile canteen app. It also provides for cashless payment with cards, biometrics or by scanning their mobile phone at the point of sale. Similarly, businesses are connected with access to live actionable intelligence ensuring that stock levels are maintained and expiring inventory is prioritised helping to reduce waste and increasing sales. To top it all off the Allxs canteen app has a built-in messaging and promotion center where customers can receive digital receipts and special offers with one-touch purchase options from the service providers based on their personal preferences.

Allxs launches e-commerce progressive web app solution for schools
Allxs launches e-commerce progressive web app solution for schools

Allxs is proud to announce the launch of our e-commerce progressive web app solution for schools.

Each school will have access to its own multi-tenant online mall where all outlets can be listed. Schools will also have the option of offering their community a presence in their online store. Allxs will make available some key rewards partners in the e-commerce environment that all schools can access as part of their online commerce platform. Schools can add their admin store, uniform shop, tuck-shop and any other online store they wish to make available to their parents and community. It is also a great channel to help with fundraising while removing cash from campus.

The Allxs e-commerce solution enables the client to launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into their cashless point of sale and inventory system. The e-commerce system is capable of a single shopping experience across multiple vendors by adding products from a range of suppliers into a single basket. The e-commerce application is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the user’s home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant, reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen with no app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.

For more information, please contact us on or 011 201 2025

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The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show Goes Digital
The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show Goes Digital

The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show will lead the way into the future by introducing technology to help manage wine inventory across the event. Allxs Media will deliver the solution that will manage the stock flow of more than 70 exhibitors from a centralised wine vault in real time. The inventory management system has been specifically designed to manage stock at events based on real time sales data, sampling data and pre-set minimum stock levels. The new platform will be rolled out in phases across the country starting at the Johannesburg event running from the 7th to 9th of June at Montecasino. The implementation of this system promises to streamline operations and deliver a superior customer experience with valuable data for all.

“We are thrilled to have an opportunity to apply the Allxs system to such a prestigious event. We are excited to be a part of guiding the wine exhibition industry towards a connected future.” – Raphael Domalik, CEO Allxs Media.

So how does the system work?

The stock is managed by a central warehouse representing the wine vault and a network of virtual warehouses that represent the individual exhibitors. Each exhibitor’s virtual warehouse is connected to a custom point of sale linked to the available inventory. The inventory is automatically populated in the Point of Sales as per a pre-defined unit of measure module. This enables an exact definition of how many millilitres constitute a tasting and how many millilitres constitute a glass or bottle sold. The automated requisition system can then be used to restock the individual exhibitor’s stock on hand from the central wine vault based on pre-set desired stock levels. As soon as stock on hand levels drop below the minimum stock level set, the system automatically triggers the requisition which is delivered to the stock controller for approval. This process can also be managed by the stock controller and adjusted manually before the requisition is authorised. Requisitions can be initiated from the Point of Sale by the wine operator, should there be a need for a unique requirement in addition to the automated pre-sets.

In the next phase, visitors will be issued with a NFC tag that can be used to track their tastings as well as their purchases without having to carry anything during the event, with the option of collecting their purchases on their way out or have it shipped to directly to their home using the complimentary Sip n Ship option. With this new service, all tasting data will be available to visitors on their personal dashboard along with purchase history and the ability to order additional stock online.

“We’re excited to be taking The Wine Show to the next level using Allxs’s platform. Not only will the system streamline operations and provide valuable sales and tasting data for our exhibitors, but it will also improve our visitors experience by enabling them to enjoy the event without the worry of carrying their purchases around with them. It will also log their favourite brands, varietals and a wealth of other information”- Chris Jackson, COO The Wine Show.

Event Point of Sale, Integrated Payments, Inventory and Analytics
Event Point of Sale, Integrated Payments, Inventory and Analytics

The Allxs Event Point of Sale manager helps you manage your risks, maximise your revenue and minimise your losses through integrated sales, inventory, payment and live reporting systems. The Event Point of Sale Manager is a cross platform solution for your event, tracking sales across POS, mobile and web, bridging the gap between digital and physical sales channels. Take your event analytics to the next level by providing your customers with detailed reporting and return on investment. Every event needs accurate control systems capable of tracking the total customer journey. The Allxs Events POS Manager makes this a reality with the following services:

  1. Point of sale software that runs on a full featured Point of Sale or on your android mobile device.
  2. Optional integrated cashless payments and credit card processing.
  3. Integrated stock management for every vendor with virtual warehouse management.
  4. Authentication Module for access control or to simplify collections.
  5. Digital voucher management for promotions and special offers.
  6. Printing management for remote ordering, vouchers, tickets and requisitions.
  7. In venue communication for announcements, special offers and digital receipts

The Allxs Events POS can operate as a regular POS or a hybrid allowing vendors to accept credit cards or closed loop cashless payments. Cashless point of sale devices provides itemised product interface integrated into real-time stock control, voucher redemption and customer communication. The print manager can be configured to print orders at a remote location, receipts or tickets and vouchers.

Automated stock requisitions can be configured based on minimum stock level requirements in each outlet. The requisitions can be activated from the POS terminal or online. These requisitions can be printed, emailed or appear on screen to the warehouse administrator for issuing. The requisitions can be delivered or adjusted live on the system before being released. The process can also be controlled by the administrator by simply using low balance alerts. The inventory is live so there is a real time view into exactly what is going on at every outlet.

Access detailed analytics across the entire event including sales reports, customer reports, inventory reports and payment reports. Banking integrations streamline collections, settlements and refunds where appropriate.

Maboneng Set to Become SA’s First Smart Neighborhood with The Shakers Rewards Card
Maboneng Set to Become SA’s First Smart Neighborhood with The Shakers Rewards Card

The Shakers Cashless Payments and Rewards card is quick, easy and convenient and improves wait times and customer safety.

Shakers Bar, in the cultural, business and lifestyle hub Maboneng, launched its pilot Cashless Payments and Rewards Card on the 26th March. Managed by Cashless Fox the card lets patrons access their own accounts, view itemised billing and receive special offers from participating venues. The initiative is powered by the Allxs Closed Loop Payment Platform, boasting many features designed to improve customer experience by increasing speed and convenience. The cashless platform includes an integrated mobile app that will allow members to manage their balance and rewards. The app will also allow participating vendors to deliver personalised offers in the venue and in neighborhood using GPS and beacon technology.

“The cashless system has had an immediate impact on improving wait times, increasing sales, speeding up transaction time and help curb theft associated with handling and carrying cash.”-  Shakers Owner and local entrepreneur Mpho Masilo.

Maboneng embodies a strong sense of community and the cashless solution removes the risks attached to carrying cash when enjoying the sights, and allow cardholders access to multiple discounts, tickets, and vouchers that can be redeemed at all member outlets. Cards are available at Shakers and customers can top up their cards at the venue, online or within the payment APP.

“We are very excited to power South Africa’s first smart, connected neighborhood managed by local entrepreneurs to directly benefit the community. Maboneng will deliver a safe and truly personalized experience at all participating outlets employing the latest in cutting-edge technology.” – Raphael Domalik director of Allxs Media.

The benefits for participating vendors include an increase in sales due to efficient payments and services as well as access to analytical data and improved controls.

“Our long-term goal is to supply vendors with true live analytical data on customers and buying trends or habits. Helping the vendors better understand their customers and streamline their business model or products to best suit the seasonal and everyday consumer. Further innovations to the solution will allow Cashless Fox to supply Groupon like discounted packages on the cashless cards for the average local or international traveler to the Maboneng district.” – Ian Surgeon of Cashless Fox.

If you are a vendor and would like to join the Cashless Community in Maboneng contact Ian Surgeon at

The Cashless Canteen - Advanced Features
The Cashless Canteen - Advanced Features

The cashless canteen of the future is at your fingertips. Integrate your existing NFC access control employee cards into a comprehensive cashless canteen system which boasts the following advanced features.

  1. Comprehensive user account management giving your staff the flexibility to top up their cards online, see itemised purchase history, transfer funds to each other and set up spending limits and dietary restrictions. The system can be used as a prepaid cashless canteen system or to manage spend for deduction at the end of the month.

02. The online pre-order engine will allow your staff to pre-order their meals to the canteens rules. The system accommodates rotating menus or based on groupings allowing different departments to see different menus. Orders are placed and paid for in advance helping to reduce waste and costs and are collected with a simple tap on their employee card to verify their purchase. Give your staff the convenience of placing their order for collection or delivery right from their desk with a custom portal plugged right into your company website.

03. Cashless Payments make it easy to purchase in the canteen or on our Mobile Point of Sale. This empowers food carts to offer service through the day with a simple payment method that is quick and convenient.

04. Inventory management which includes warehouse management giving you the ability to manage multiple storerooms. Automated requisition system for one-click par level restocking. Recipe Management gives your canteen pinpoint accuracy in managing their business. Purchase orders and supplier management completes the loop with an all in one cashless canteen management product.

05. Location-based marketing through our integrated mobile app. The app includes a mobile wallet to manage balances, top up’s vouchers and coupons. The built-in points management can be used to drive healthy eating by rewarding staff for their healthy eating habits. The Allxs Cashless Canteen solution is an all-encompassing cashless canteen system.