Loyalty and Rewards


NFC cashless payments and rewards

NFC cashless payments and rewards

Console or customised API.

Console or customised API

Prepaid cashless card and Gift cards.

Prepaid cashless card and Gift cards

Mobile App

Mobile App

Payment terminal

Payment terminal


Allxs Loyalty and Rewards

Onboard your customer base into the Allxs cashless payments platform through a data import, online console or customised API.

Issue your customers with their branded NFC cashless cards secured with PIN and accompanying account number.

Customer deposit their cash using an ATM into your companies aggregate bank account using the allocated account number as a reference and our system does the rest.

The value is allocated to your customer’s cashless card, ready to transact the next time they visit your store.

The customer can place their order using pre-order engine or shop instore.

Customers use their rewards card to pay by toping up at the PAX terminal. The application is compatible with any NFC enabled android device or chose from a range of our POS devices.

Every customer has access to an online dashboard with account management, purchase history and a range of reporting.

Every customer has access to a mobile app with an integrated wallet for quick balance reference and ordering interface.

This creates a communication platform to reach your customers with location based capabilities allowing you to interact with the right customer at the right time.

Beacon messaging.

Access live actionable intelligence and make better marketing decisions.


Purchase rewards cards with value.

Download the app or

Download the app or

Register in-store or online.

Register in-store or online.

Use card to pay for the bill.

Use card to pay for the bill.

Earn points or receive discount on the bill.

Earn points or receive discount on the bill.

Get notified of all transactions, points and vouchers.

Get notified of all transactions, points and vouchers.

How does a customer load money onto their card and manage the account?

1. In the venue
2. Online.
3. In app.

What kind of rewards are possible?

1. Different Tiers based on spend
2. Earn points for per product.
3. Earn discounts across the board.
4. Vouchers.

Available Programs.

1. Stand alone rewards program for your restaurant only.
2. Allxs Rewards program across various restaurants and entertainment outlets.


Every customer will have the ability to pre-order stock online or in the e-wallet mobile application if activated. Orders are charged at time of placement directly from the cashless account.

The E-Wallet comes equipped with a communication module allowing you to deliver in app and push messages to your customers. The system also allows for the distribution of discount vouchers and coupons which can be redeemed with the next order.

Empower small business by giving them access to their own Point of Sale system inside the same application. This will give your vendors the tools they need to improve their own efficiencies and business practices. The point of sale allows the vendors to manage their sales, stock and even rewards programs to better engage with their own customers.



In addition to an online account management dashboard every cashless card is linked to a mobile E-wallet which can be loaded on the customers mobile phone. This will give the customers access to their latest balances, in app top up and the ability to manage vouchers and coupons.

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