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The Allxs ordering app for collection or delivery is the perfect solution to help maintain social distancing at your corporate or campus canteen. The Allxs ecommerce app is a 360 solution that manages your payments, orders, printing in the designated area and collections. 

The Allxs Ordering App

The Allxs ordering app for collection or delivery is the perfect solution to help maintain social distancing. The Allxs app is a 360 solution that manages your payments, orders, printing in the preparation area and collections. Users open the designated URL, add desired menu items to basket and make a payment with the integrated wallet or bank card. The Allxs ordering app is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant reliable experience for the users. The application is location based so businesses with multiple locations and multiple outlets can be effectively managed.

Master Pass Integration

The Allxs cashless , point of sale and ordering app is now fully integrated with Master Pass for your convenience. The Point of sale now generates a unique QR code based on the items that are being purchased and can be scanned with any compatible Master Pass app to complete the payment. This means you can use Zapper, Snap Scan, Nedbank and FNB apps to scan the interoperable QR code. There is no need to scan a static QR, enter the amount and wait for a confirmation sms as everything is automated for you. Simply open your payment app, scan the QR on the screen enter card on into your app and the sale is complete. The Allxs Point of sale supports a variety of cashless payment methods including closed loop payments, rewards currency, connected bank terminals, e-commerce gateways and Master Pass payments.

Cashless Vending

Allxs has partnered with Top Vending South Africa’s premier supplier of vending solutions to deliver an integrated cashless vending solution. This integration gives the customer a seamless purchasing experience across point of sale, vending, online and mobile commerce. A truly unified commerce experience with personal account management, itemised statements, in app top ups and purchases. Our banking integrations deliver a seamless account loading experience without the need for expensive cash loading terminals and cash removal services.


Allxs is a single platform to manage your customer’s shopping and cashless payment experience. Manage your payments, point of sale, e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory and rewards in a single platform. The cross-platform system unifies the customer experience across web, mobile and physical store experience.

The Allxs e-commerce module enables the client to launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into their cashless point of sale and inventory system. The e-commerce system is capable of a single shopping experience across multiple vendors by adding products from a range of stores into a single basket. The e-commerce application is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification. 

Smart School ID

Cashless Payments


Allxs Media Pty Ltd is a Fintech company with a focus on delivering Africa’s premier experience management platform. To achieve this, we combine closed loop payments with open loop integrations, manage value, digital currency, points and vouchers, remote ordering and printing, inventory and location-based communication. The system has many applications across a variety of industries but offers a unique opportunity to verticals such as events, education and hospitality. The system has recently been piloted by the African Leadership Academy as an economy simulation platform as part of their Entrepreneurship training program and will be made available to other schools accompanied by the developed curriculum in the next quarter.

The transaction and account management system is especially versatile and can be integrated to manage digital payment authentication for a wide variety of applications that require the ability to load funds into a closed system and transact in a prescribed manner. The solution aims to improve the customer experience by delivering contextually relevant information and a seamless environment to engage and transact and to help businesses better engage with their customers and improve experience, efficiency and profitability.

Credit Card Integration

Credit Card acquiring is now directly integrated into your Cashless POS to better accommodate parents and visitors that do not have an Allxs Smart school ID. This feature prevents credit card errors and helps to reconcile exactly which transactions were paid by credit card, automating your reconciliation process.


AXS Coin Rewards will be rolled out during the course of the first term. This digital rewards currency aims to help drive positive behavior across all spectrums of school life. This includes rewarding healthy food choices at the tuck shop, achievements in academics, sports and culture as well as any other behaviours the community would like to reward. AXS Coins can be purchased by parents, schools and any other members of the community and can be used to reward anyone within the school community. This digital currency will be redeemable at the tuck shop for treats as well as value added services such as airtime and data right from the Allxs point of sale. Schools have the option to add their own rewards partners inside their own community as well as benefit from our growing list of partners. Movies, events and a few more surprises will be added throughout the year. In addition to driving positive behavior at schools, parents can use the system to drive positive behavior at home and reward their kids in a safe and meaningful way with a controlled set of redemption partners. Schools can also use the system to reward those parents who tirelessly support the school with their precious time.  Please contact us for more information on 011 2012025.

Benefits of Closed Loop

Turn your NFC enabled android device into an integrated business intelligence tool. Manage your own prepaid rewards cards for your clients. Issue your own closed loop cashless cards for your canteen or staff shop.


Benefits of Cashless Payments

Improve speed and efficiency of every transaction. Reduce queue times. Eliminate cash handling costs. Improve back office efficiencies and save time by eliminating cash counting and balancing. Remove credit control and account management challenges.

Our Clients​

Driving technology for leading schools and brands


Allxs is a solution for businesses that wish to provide enhanced services for their customers and staff by making use of a closed loop cashless payments platform with open loop integrations for credit card acquiring to manage transactions, vouchers and rewards. ALLXS is a NFC enabled closed loop cashless payments platform, compatible with any Android NFC enabled device. ALLXS is a cloud-based system which enables both online and offline transaction capabilities.  Delivering live reporting, analysing and customer trends in real time empowering the business with actionable intelligence. A closed loop gives your business the control of how the value in the system can be spent. A closed loop cashless payment system is a great tool for closed communities such as companies, schools, universities, sports clubs, events, venues and reward programs. The system improves speed, safety and convenience while providing the tools to deliver a superior customer experience.


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